VIP Membership

VIP Membership

Crowdfunding ASMR page

VIP Membership Crowdfunding  is an initiative from the members of Asmr Video Girl to their ideas funded online. This membership gives you access to special content in our ASMR project on a later date once that section is completed with extra ordinary content in ASMR style.

We offer you to be part of this development and back us for just 99$ per year!

All payments are currently done via PayPal and all mayor credit cards via PayPal.


Buy VIP Crowdfunding Membership Here

VIP Membership


What does the VIP Crowdfunding Membship offer you exactly;

  • Discount 20% on all our content
  • Available on the VIP page only like behind the scenes
  • Content more tempting sexual content
  • More HOT girls is sexy outfits
  • Private videos with more sexy content
  • Striptease videos
  • Girl – Girl scene videos
  • Massage videos
  • Special private videos …and much more!



On our regular Facebook page you see some examples from HOT Ukrainian girls. We are currently looking for more model type girls around the world to create more ASMR sexy content and fulfill your wildes dreams.

If you have any questions about becoming a VIP Crowdfunding Member contact us here.