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Topless Waiting Alone ASMR

in on June 11, 2019
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Topless Waiting Alone ASMR

Topless Waiting Alone ASMR by Dolce Vita. Sometimes a girl is just waiting for her husband to come back home. Well here she is Dolce Vita a happy Ukrainian girl waiting for you! Why are you not coming home? She made some nice food waiting with a glass of wine and you don’t show. Well to kill the time Dolce Vita start to play aroung getting in and out of some new lingerie because she wanted to make you happy. This video is all about that. Making YOU happy! What a body this girl has and that cute tight little ass. Oh my god!

This video is one to have in your collection for sure. There will be more coming out soon from Dolce Vita but buy the full HD version now and enjoy!

Our Standard Program

Our standard asmr program does have a great sensual twist, and do contain videos of sexual art in various ways. We do not create porn however, in our VIP program we are creating soft porn with some of the girls. We are developing at this moment a closed area for our VIP members to enjoy content not available for our standard users. The content in that area will go into a more sexy direction with nudity. But will still not contain real sex or porn, as this is a complete different concept in which we do not wish to participate. We hope that you, as our asmr fan, can understand our point of view and respect the girls creating the content as they are not porn actors. Just regular beautiful girls starting as an amateur actress creating the content they love.

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A production of: Video Entertainment Group in cooperation with a private group of girls from Ukraine.

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