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Pornhub Partnership has just been established you can find a great deal of content already on our channel. Just click the link below.

We have been working on the Pornhub Partnership for a long time. Overviewing all the options Pornhub has to offer and how to profile ourselves. We really like the publicity of course but at the same time we do not want to loose our own identity and remain within the framework of the ASMR style. All our content is and will remain under our strict controll and is vertically produced. This means that all steps from idea to publication and promotion will alway be 100% in our controll. This way all our videos will always be authentic and genuine.

All erotic ASMR fans around the world. If you like our concept and like to see more videos released, please support us. Like us, share us and buy the videos on the site. All will be invested in new content for your pleasure!

Our Pornhub Channel

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