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Waiting ASMR

in on December 1, 2017

Waiting ASMR

Waiting asmr with the Sounds of ocean and lyric story about her love from Rusalka. Of course there is a green screen used to set this up ) How can you expect to be in a aquarium, right? Still this video is very entertaining, relaxing and funny at the same time. Despite her very limited English Rusalka know’s how to entertain the fans. The sounds of the video together with her sexy voice make it all worth it. Check out this video and many more of her on her personal page on this site. You will find much more amusing stuff from Rusalka as she always knows how to twist things in a funny and sexy direction. She is not shy to show her tight little body with her beautiful perfect round shapes in bikine or lingerie. Go check her out!

Our Standard Program

Our standard asmr program does have a great sexual twist, and do contain videos of sexual art in various ways. We do not create porn so far. A soft porn category is currently in the making. In our VIP program we are creating soft porn with some of the girls on a more personal note. We are created  a closed area for our VIP members to enjoy content not available for our standard users. The content in that area will go into a more sexual direction with nudity and soft porn. Full porn we do not produce currently but looking at the past development we do not exclude it for the future. We hope that you, as our asmr fan, can understand our point of view and respect the girls creating the content as they are not professional porn actors. Just regular beautiful girls starting as an amateur actress creating the content they love.

Of course the main issue for the girls who are showing more of themselve to like you to support them. Buy their video will contribute largely to a better life in Ukraine with the little money the videos are costing.

If you wish to me to produce a private video for you please check the Private Video Page

A production of: Video Entertainment Group in cooperation with a private group of girls from Ukraine.

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