ASMR Video Girls is a Global Platform which provides creative space for ASMR artists and unites all their followers among one worldwide community

Our Aim

Every day the number of ASMR fans is growing globally. In this regard, being fans of ASMR ourselves, we decided to create a platform which helps the artists all over the worlds to get an income by selling their videos directly to their customers. At the same time, we create a kind of storage for generalizing all types of possible ASMR videos for your fun and relaxation, starting from handling insomnia and creating an interesting video for a large audience.

Our Philosophy

Creativity and Development. We follow the idea to establish an environment for asmr artist’s personal creative growth and development, encouraging them to go deeper into their creativity and fill the world of asmr with new colors and shapes.

Choice and Diversity. We create a storage for asmr videos you will be able to trust undeniably: easy in use and comprehensive the diversity of choice.


Why Us

Our gravitation to asmr sensual feelings is rooted usually at our inner impulses and we rarely know what exactly we are looking for. That is why it’s rarely easy to find the most appropriate video among the huge undefined accumulation of them at YouTube.  Thus, we give something more than just a choice.  We know what you need, and will satisfy your desire on the first try. Moreover, we are permanently investigating and analyzing your demand, trying to improve our approach and diversify our offer. While some people watch ASMR videos for their comfort, others for a sense of euphoria or to handle insomnia, we are generalizing different content giving our audience a huge choice for finding its personal fantasy among the others.

What is AMSR?

Have you ever felt a certain tingling sensation when someone striking through your hair on the back of your skull or whispered in your ears? That is it! The sense of your body responding to triggers. The full definition is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It happens without much effort on your part. Since it brings so much pleasure, people attempt to trigger it using audio, video and/or visuals.  Due to its growing popularity, this exciting YouTube phenomenon turned the world of blogging community upside down becoming a real Internet mainstream. In other words, it is an extremely popular relaxation method which uses audio and visual sensations. They act as “triggers” in order calm and soothe viewers. It gives a relaxing, sedative sensation beginning on the scalp and moves down the body, also known as “brain massage.” It’s triggered by placid sights and sounds including whispers, accents, and crackles. ASMR videos also have another definition: AIHO (Attention induced head orgasm), AIE (Attention induced euphoria): “head orgasms”/”head tingle”, “ASMRgasm”.

What is ASMR for and What are the main triggers?

ASMR videos help people to relax, focus and meditate as well as to reduce or handle insomnia, anxiety, and stresses. The stimulus that can trigger ASMR, as reported by those who experience it, include the following:

  • Listening to a softly spoken or whispering voice
  • Listening to a quiet, repetitive sounds resulting from someone engaging in a mundane task such as turning the pages of a book
  • Watching somebody attentively execute a mundane task such as preparing food
  • Receiving altruistic tender personal attention
  • Trigger your Pleasure and Minds watching our ASMR videos.

What we offer

Wide choice and diversity of ready-made asmr videos for fun, pleasure, relax, meditation, etc.

  • ASMR YouTube Teasers: FREE of charge
  • ASMR Web Site Teasers: FREE of charge
  • General ASMR video’s: Prices vary from 1 to 49$ as mentioned in the shop

Private video in your personal request

Write a script according to your own asmr fantasy in the contact form to create your own asmr video where the girl will address you personally. Don’t forget to mention the girls’ artist name, your name and explain your fantasy in the script.

Advertisement in request of Brand

Affiliation Co-branding Program. You provide us with your brand general concept and we do the rest for your business and promotion.

To know more about how to become our Member or ASMR artist.

Trigger Your Pleasure

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Meet our team

Young professionals with experienced management team.
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Our advantages

Ideas and Concepts

Creative Space with Diversity of Choice

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Design & Creation of ASMR Advertisement on Brand Request

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